The Challenge:

A US based company that operates over 400 retail locations required a supply chain infrastructure that would support both time definite delivery and a reverse logistics program for returns and damaged goods. In addition to normal retail shipping requirements, special high volume and seasonal promotions present significant challenges to their supply chain. The client has attempted to work with a number of 3PL service providers who had been unable to meet these challenges. The result was missed deadlines and lost sales.

The Solution:

We took a macro look at the end to end supply chain and we designed and implemented an innovative solution. Most notably we redesigned their order processing component. Rather than a "push" system picking orders by store, we developed a "demand" solution picking orders by SKU. Streamlining the ordering process for this client has created two distinct areas of savings - customer support and shipment tracking.

The Benefits:

Even in peak periods with a high volume of influx of ocean containers, we are able to de-stuff, process orders and meet time-definite delivery schedules with excellent fill rates and order accuracy. The client now relies on us to manage the inbound flow, inventory management, order processing, pick & pack, transportation management and reverse logistics. Through utilizing our network of facilities across North America, the client enjoys the efficiency of "rubber walls" to expand and contract with the seasonal volume fluctuations. This has resulted in dramatically improved service and significant cost savings.