The Challenge:

This US based client is a leading supplier of fan and lighting products to Canadian and American distributors. Shipment sizes vary from LTL skid lots to small parcel delivery. Due to the size and somewhat delicate nature of the product, there is a need for careful handling and specialized equipment. In addition, some deliveries require appointments and a power tailgate. Various carriers and modes of transport were being utilized. The main priority was to streamline the process and control costs.

The Solution:

A complimentary audit of this client's transportation network revealed a number of areas for improvement and cost savings. It was discovered that rates were being incorrectly applied, wrong service levels were being selected and damage was being caused by improper loading. We designed a single source network of transportation service providers to meet the unique demands of the client. A single source network greatly reduced the number of carriers, allowing us to leverage our buying power to reduce costs. We simplified pricing tariffs and improved the pallet configuration to reduce damage. To maintain effectiveness of our solution, we continued to coordinate both carrier pick-ups and the appointment delivery schedule.

The Benefits:

We have provided the client a single point of contact versus several. We have a dedicated dispatcher for this particular client who determines the transportation requirements and selects the carrier who will be the best fit to meet the delivery timelines, ensure damage free delivery while being cost effective for every delivery. We provide web-based shipment visibility and simplified consolidated invoicing. This single source solution has improved the process, generated significant savings and allowed the client to focus on their core competency while we were able to focus on ours.