The Challenge:

A major manufacturer of automotive aftermarket truck clutches based in the US sold products to OEM dealer networks throughout Canada. To service these customers, the client originally maintained inventory in Canada, requiring costly logistics infrastructure.

The Solution:

We designed a solution that allowed the client to ship direct from two centralized warehouses in the US to their Canadian customers. They were able to close their Canadian warehouse facilities and significantly reduce operating costs. All shipments are prepared at origin; customs entries are consolidated and loaded on direct line hauls to our facility in Toronto. We offload, deconsolidate, book delivery appointments, cross-dock and distribute shipments to final destinations across Canada. All levels of transportation service are provided including LTL and courier shipments. We also deployed a complete reverse logistics program for core returns.

The Benefits:

Our client has a single source logistics solution for all their Canadian business. The client has enjoyed improved customer service, shorter cycle times, and excellent fill rates, all in addition to the dramatic cost savings. They have drastically improved customer satisfaction levels without the costly infrastructure.

In our client’s own words… “The implementation and execution of the program has generated better than expected results. ReTrans Canada is doing an excellent job in both scheduling and delivering the projects in a timely fashion.”